Marin Aero Club

Akro One Design Contest

November 25, 2001

In an effort to provide more focus to our flying sessions, the Marin Aero Club has decided to reinstitue periodic contests. We hope they will be more fun than stressful, and all skill levels are invited to participate. A few awards might be passed about, based on the whims of the CD.

Below are some photos from our Akro Contest in November 2001.

The next contest was for the Phantom Flash on March 24, 2002. Yes, it was scheduled for February, but we decided to slide it a month.

my 8" mini Akro

Roy Kissin's Akro, covered with RA Microlite.

John Carlson prefers more traditional tissue.

Tom Whitworth's "Hot Rod Akro"

Marius's entry awaits winding.

Fanciful Swiss Air Force by George Benson

Jerry Long's Akro is curiously strong

Phobi Long adjusts an 8" Akro built the night before and finished at the contest.

Kermit Walker's Patriotic Akro

Marius Cannard relaxes while using almost every inch under the rafters

Tom's "Zero Altitude" launch.

George Benson's "Swiss Air Force" Akro

Circling near the lights in the Mass Launch

Bill Dempsey wins with a 3 flight, 242 sec. total

Tom Whitworth takes the Mass Launch award


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