Flying with the Marin Aero Club

Here are some of the indoor models of the Marin Aero Club Flyers.
click any image for larger views and notes.

Also take a look at some pictures from our Contest Days.

a few by
George Benson
John Carlson's
Gloucester Auster
Foam Lavochkin LA7
by Tom Whitworth
George's "Avro"
McGuire Quad
2 planes
8 wings!
4 planes
16 wings!
Tom's Nolen Aero
Tiger Moth

George Benson
winding ...
... and launching his
1912 Drzewiecki-Canard
George's Latest
McGuire Quadruplane
The new Quad
gliding in.

Outdoor Highlights

Many of these images are of the same aircraft. I have grouped all the larger images of any model on the same page, along with the notes. Most of these groupings include additional images that are not thumbnailed here. If you see any mistakes in my notes, please let me know.

here are a few more pictures

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