The Marin Aero Club is an informal group of folks who enjoy model aviation for the pure of joy of watching one's own creations drift through the air. We have no officers or dues and stress that it is more important to have a good time rather than put up a good time. As the M.A.C. has been in existence since about 1948 (in Marin County, just north of San Francisco) it has certainly met a local need.

Group indoor flying is on the 4th Sunday of each month from 9 am to 2 pm, at the St. Vincent's School gym in Marinwood, Ca, a bit north of San Francisco. While not a terribly large room, it works well, measuring 96' long, 71' wide and 22' to the rafters with another 8' more in the center. An open truss rafter framework makes for some interesting near misses and bumps. Due to the physical site restrictions, most of the models flown are smaller peanuts and pistachios, Dime and Nickel Scale, and No-Cal, as well as an assortment of non scale models such as Delta Darts, Bostonians, A-6, Ministick, and other smallish duration models. For power sources, we use rubber, electric, CO2, and compressed air. Each month, there are "fly for fun" sessions. Here are the 2003 flying dates.

From May to October, with the better weather, we also fly outdoors, on the second Sunday of those months at the same location, weather permitting. Outdoor flying usually begins at 8 am as well.

M.A.C. "facilitator" (remember there are no officers), George Benson has prepared a wonderful guideline to help those beginning to build and fly balsa wood and tissue covered model planes get started. It is well worth reviewing for even experienced modelers or those returning to the hobby..

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