Electric RC Micro Heli

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The MEE-KRO 280 (pronounced "me-krawh" in Spanish, meaning micro) is one of five models I designed around standard DC motors such as the Speed 280 and small Mabuchi N20 motors. This in conjunction with inexpensive construction materials and easy assembly techniques makes the Mee-Kro heli possible.

This is a continuation of my ongoing passion for flying model electric helicopters.

Micro Equipment consists of:
Ceto FM 4-channel radio receiver.
Futaba FM Conquest FP-T5NLH radio transmitter with Rev. Mixing capability.
Two Kolibri Pro's ESC with BEC to control each rotor motor independently.
Hobbico all-purpose piezo gyroscope for tail rotor stabilization
Two Hitec HS-50 micro servos fro pitch and roll control.
7-8 cell 250 milli-amp/hour rechargeable battery pack for +/- 5 minute flight time for intermediate to expert flying.
12 Volt DC 4 amp/hour power source with trainer cord for novice flying.

Construction Materials:All off-the-shelf hobby components such as balsa, thin plywood, piano wire, aluminum and brass tubing.

Mechanical Components: Ball bearings and gears available via various sources.

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Mario's latest 280 machine is getting flights over 12 minutes with Tadrian cells.

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