A Pair of NoCal's

by David Duganne


Jodel D-9

Mooney Mite

Mooney M-18 Mite

David writes...

"The Jodel was designed to be a super-simple project, utilizing a flat wing airfoil cross-section. I drew up another version that has sliced ribs, as well. I rather like a modicum of engine detail, even on a profile model; I found a small piece of thin metallic gray sheet foam for the cylinder bank detail, and capped it off with a dummy valve cover. The exhaust pipes give the model just enough engine detail to look like a proper powerplant. This particular full scale subject used to be based at the Livermore, Ca. airport. It was destroyed in a crash due to engine failure about 8-10 years ago.

The Mooney is based on a full-scale subject that is based in Ohio, that attended the Mooney Mite Fly-In in Porterville several years ago. My model employs 3 laminated fuselage pieces: the upper and lower cowl outlines, and the tailcone tip. The Mooney engine details are comprised of 1/64th balsa valve covers, painted with a gel pen, affixed to a black Esaki tissue background/outline.

Both aircraft are constructed from 1/20th balsa stripwood and covered with Esaki. The Mooney has 1/32nd sliced ribs. Mike Morrow's adjustable aluminum bearing holders work very nicely, and are coupled with a plastic "Butterfly" propeller. Power is supplied by 1/16th Peck rubber loops. Both models have FAC legal 16" wingspan."


David A. Duganne
Albuquerque, NM

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