R. E. Gibbs' Loafer

From: Richard E. Gibbs

Afternoon Thayer,

My slow flyer is called "Loafer" even though it flies somewhere between 8-10 mph as far as we can guesstimate. Span is 48 inches, area 348 sq. in., total weight 8.66 oz., wing loading 3.6 oz./sq.ft. Airfoil is a flat bottom Zip, 10% thickness. Motor is a VL HY50B with 8x110 mAh pack. ESC is JETI 05.

In an attempt to slow the airspeed I am building another wing (same area) with sliced ribs and single covered. More to you when this happens.

Sorry about the colors: a khaki and cream model on blacktop isn't exactly a visual eye popper!


R. E. Gibbs
Curmudgeon Emeritus
York, PA

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