Bill Hurley

Here is a nice little triplane with it's creator, fellow Marin Aero Club (MAC) member Bill Hurley. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to see it. click the image for Bill's comments and a larger image.

These three pix showcase the Zephyr canard. Originally published in the March 1979 issue of Model Builder, it is a simple rubber powered model designed by Randy and Irene Wrisley. Indoors and out, it is a great performer.

Bill has also sent me a few pix of his really nice Dime Scale German Arado fighter

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Subject: Half size Wakefield 1981

Hi Thayer,

We just took a trip around our portion of your gallery. Great reproductions!

In case you are wondering who "We" is,... It me and Daddy (we'll send you a picture-complete with airplane- only 10 to 15 years out of date but who's counting. How 'bout 1981?). I am Bri (pronounced Bree), his youngest daughter.

We enjoyed your site as usual. Keep up the good work!!!


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