Jason McGuire's

4" span Tiny Twerp

This wonderful little model of Jason's is a delight to all who have seen it. Very small and light, it still does fly, and very well, thank you.

It was built using the originals of the twerp plans, shrunk to size, and with wood reduced as appropriate.

Here are his notes,

I labled it 'Tiny Twerp' so that I could distinguish between photos of it and the 6" version.

It is an exact scaled ( 66% ) copy of the Twerp on your page.
Span - 4 inches
Weight - 3/10 gram sans rubber.
Rubber - anything from a single strand of .020 x 4.5" to a loop of .017 x 5" so far. Everything I've tried so far has worked.
Prop - 2 lams of .01" sheet balsa formed over a carved mold and joined to a turned down balsa spar. I don't recall the diameter, but it is what is shown on the plan set to a pitch/diameter of 2 to 1.

Duration - +/- 30 seconds.
Top time - one minute, outdoors in the Marinwood parking lot :)

Covering is c-paper on the fuse, Polymicro film on the flying surfaces. Everything was airbrushed before covering with acrylic paint.

That's all I can think of right now.



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