Marcus Hill,, has forwarded two pictures of his current Free Flight project.

"It is an electric ducted fan model of a SAAB J-21R in a bare bones condition. There are two shots, one was done before I got all the pieces framed up but is a better angle than the other picture with all the pieces , I ran out of film at the critical moment. :-( The model is a bit over 3 feet in span and weighs 13.5 ozs so far with the batteries and fan in place. Power is a Red Flame Blaster and I'll use 5 270 Mah cells for power.

Hope it flies as good as it is starting to look. The next big hurdle is the canopy. Think I'll make it in pieces rather than try for a one piece affair, new ground for me there.

Happy Holidays,
Marcus Hill, Wichita Falls, Texas

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