Lincoln Ross's Herr Cessna 180

Lincoln Ross writes...

"This is a picture of my Cessna 180, built from the Herr kit. 17-1/2", 18 grams, fairly stock for a local laser cut contest. I did move the peg and use one of those adjustable nose blocks. Also, I ended up adding some more dihedral. Got it to fly left as I was flying indoors. Might have flown right with original dihedral, I think, but marginally. With stock prop and an attempt to keep weight to the front I ended up adding a lump of clay on the back. In the picture you can see the results of trying to trim to circle in a small room: no struts or landing gear fairings, and replacement tissue. The model is airbrushed white with Golden airbrush media, then the trim is color tissue. So far I have 41 seconds indoors, but more may be possible.

"After I bought the kit I was in Elmira for the flying wing conference (workshop?) and the prototype buzzed the field and then landed where I could take pictures. The K model seems to have a window that is not in the kit.


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