Lee's Hobbies Fokker Dr.I

This "peanut scale" Fokker Triplane started life as a kit from Lee's Hobbies, and was then modified extensively to include a K&P adjustable thrust bearing, scale spaced sliced ribs and wing trailing edges from thread.

Weight of the structure, is 9 grams. This includes just over 1 gram for the nose bearing and a bunch of solid balsa in the cowl and landing gear wing.

The model is finished as a Jasta 9 machine, it has been a bit troublesome in the air. Initially I was scared to really give it the power it seemed to need.
More recently, I have added some ballast to get the CG well forward, and upped the rubber size as well. It is now flying in a stable right circle, for a bit over 30 seconds.
What a relief to make it through the trimming stages before destroying it!

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