Free Flight Fantasies

Early Flying Machines and Spoked Wheels

The first three of these aircraft are "peanut scale" Free Flight models. This class restricts wingspan to 13 inches or fuselage length to 9 inches, builders choice. The next two, are larger electric powered models. There are also a few more new models that follow. Free Flight means just that. Wind, or charge, them up, and let them go. Pretty trusting, don't you think?

The spoked wheels on the Bellanca and the Demoiselle are my own handiwork. Frustrated with the end of the Fulton Hungerford era, I have taken it upon myself to make enough for my own projects, as well as those needs of my friends. Let me know if you would like a pair or two.

Bellanca Tractor, 1916

Bellanca Tractor, rear 3/4 view

Santos Dumont Demoiselle, 1909

Demoiselle "office" close up

Art Chester Jeep Racer, 1936

Jeep Racer, rear 3/4 view

SE-5, a British WWI fighter

Thistle, a sport electric model

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