Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny

The Sky Bunny is a Bill Warner design, intended as a second or third step for budding modelers. It has long been available as a kit from Peck-Polymers and remains popular with beginners and more experienced modelers alike. Its basic construction and proven flight characteristics make this model a quick build and relaxing sport flyer for all.

Inspired by the Second International Sky Bunny Postal Contest held over Labor Day Weekend, Gryffin and I decided to build a couple of models to enter. Like the Prairie Birds we built over the summer, he worked with a laser cut kit from Peck-Polymers while I built mine from plans.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
My Sky Bunny is finished in Esaki tissue pieced together using a glue stick to represent a Norwegian scheme.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
Gryffin was so taken by the printed tissue shown in Dave Gee's video (see below) that we worked up some of our own for his model.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
Printed on white Esaki, the lozenge tissue looks great on Gryffin's Sky Bunny.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
His upper surface has a 4-color lozenge pattern with rib tapes from the lower surface color scheme.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
Gryffin's lower wing surfaces have a lighter lozenge pattern with rib tapes from the Upper surface color scheme.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
Gryffin Launches his Sky Bunny on another flight.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
Climbing out at sunset, Gryffin's Sky Bunny shows a lot of promise for a larger motor.

If you would like to try your hand at building and flying a Sky Bunny, you can pick up a kit, along with a few needed accessories, directly from Peck-Polymers.

Information and results concerning the Second Annual Sky Bunny Postal Competition are available here.

Peck-Polymers Sky Bunny
The Sky Bunny is a great flyer and perfect introduction for building and covering basic models.

Dave Gee's Sky Bunny Build video.


Weight: 18 grams
Wing Span: 17.25 inches
Length: 16.5 inches
Prop: Peck Polymers 7.75-inch dia.
Motor: 18-inch loop of 3/16 FAI Tan II

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