SR Batteries
1:4 scale
Eindecker EI
Wingspan: 100 inches
Wing Area: 1700 square inches
Flying Weight:16.5 pounds
Wing Loading:22.4 oz/sq ft
Wing Cube Loading:6.5
ElectricGasoline #BGasoline #A
AXI 4130-20
Zenoah G-26
O.S. Engines FS40
Zinger 18x8
Zinger 18x6
Zinger 20x8
24-cell 3000mAh NiMH
Auto Gas and Oil mixed 40:1
Rate of Climb*:
450 fpm
450 fpm
1200 fpm
8 min
30 min
20 min
*Approx. RoC data captured with zLog and RAM3 recording altimeters
** Duration dependant on throttle setting and flying style

I built this sport scale model several years ago and have enjoyed flying it with both electric and gasoline power systems ever since.

Surprisingly, the weight didn't change more than an ounce or two between each system, so I have left the specs alone.

Without question, the O.S. FS40 is my favorite setup.

This 40cc four-stroke engine burns gasoline and seems to be a perfect combination for this model at its current weight.

It will easily putter along at a partial throttle setting and the sound is fantastic. At full throttle it leaps off the ground in only a few yards and will climb at nearly any angle I choose.

Despite the temptation, I still try to fly it as realistically a possible.

The Eindecker went together quickly and without bother, despite its size. Similarly, no special tools were required.

If you have successfully built and flown a couple of smaller glow sport flyers, this model is well within reach.

I also found it an easy plane to fly once completed. As such, it makes a great introduction to giant scale modeling.

Its tried and true formula for success is a solid airframe, reliable power and light wing loading.

The Fokker Eindecker was justly feared during the early days of WWI aerial combat.

The first aircraft deployed in quantity with an interrupter gear, the Eindecker was able to shoot through directly the propeller arc.

Aiming your weapon was as simple as pointing your aircraft and its combat results quickly proved the value of this capability.

For many Allied pilots and observers, this was their last view of the nimble little monoplane.

Despite its bellicose origins, the Fokker Eindecker makes a wonderful model subject and is perfect for warm sunny days as shown at right.

The SR Batteries Eindecker was never intended to be a contest-caliber model. It is simply a pleasing sport scale flyer, well suited for every day outings, and is sure to put a smile on your face. As such, it admirably fulfills that enjoyable mission.

You also don't have to feel tied to a scale color scheme. The cowl markings and numbers adorning my model are completely fictitious.

It rigs quickly at the field, with just the two aileron servos to plug in and four 4-40 lock nuts to secure the wings and rigging.

Functional bungee cords and large wheels will smooth out your runway for picture-perfect take offs and landings, encouraging you to work on your touch and goes between combat missions.

The finish is Solartex, lightly weathered with wood stain. The markings were all hand painted with Nelson Hobby / System 3 products.


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