Klass Wings Miles M.65 Gemini

The full-scale M.65 Gemini was a delightful little twin built in England right after WWII. It was built entirely of spruce and plywood, and spanned 36 feet, 2 inches. Powered by a pair of 100 hp Blackburn Cirrus Minor II engines, the Gemini offered comfortable and efficient transportation for up to four people at a max cruise of 145 miles per hour. Full fuel range was approximately 1000 miles, making it a perfect ship for touring the British Isles and the Continent. 170 aircraft were built, with many still surviving.

This model was built from a short-lived laser cut kit designed and sold by Keith Sterner through his company, Klass Wings. It is powered with a pair of stock 7.2v Speed 400 motors turning Graupner's 6.5x4 scale propellers. While they look the part, these propellers were poorly balanced out of the mold. I used multiple layers of black sign vinyl on the backs of the blades to both balance them and relieve the pilot's eyes with an anti-reflective coating.

With full apologies to the scale police, I dressed mine in an "undocumented" scheme using SIG Aerokote Lite. Assuming that this would be an ideal aircraft for a proper English gentleman to use for weekend touring with his lady, I tried to keep it tasteful, while still allowing that it might also go racing from time to time.

NEAT Fair 2005

I built my model in 2005 and had a great time flying loose formation with Keith at the NEAT Fair that fall. Originally I had great plans for plug-in landing gear to save the weight of retracts. Then I realized I fly almost exclusively off grass, and already have a lot of planes for touch and goes. The only major modification I made was to the rear turtledeck. I doubled the stringer count to get the spacing more in line with those on the nose. I also replaced the vacuum formed nose bowls with ones made from balsa, for a better fit and to use the same covering for a perfect color match.

I still have the Gemini and continue to fly it periodically. It is a shame that this kit is gone, but motivated builders will find that the plans remain available as #2105 from Kiona Publishing.

Wing Span:.40 in.
Weight:.20.6 oz.
Battery:.Kokam 4S 910mAh Li-Poly
Power:.95 W/lb full throttle
Duration:.20+ minutes

I was fortunate to fly this Klass Wings prototype in the fall of 2004

Keith Sterner and his wife Annette show off the Klass Wings prototypes


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