J-3 Kitten

I designed the J-3 Kitten as a prototype for the Peck-Polymers kit. My model is set up with electric power and micro RC, but the design is also suitable for free flight with rubber, electric or CO2 power.

Stats on my prototype are as follows.

Span -24 in Motor -N20-5
Length -14 in Prop -Peck Polymers 4.75 in
Area -74.25 sq in Servos-2 Falcon 1.6 g
Receiver -Spektrum AR6100
(without case or connector block)

Etec 2S 250mAh LiPoly59 grams4.03 oz/sq ft15 min

The structure and hardware allow quite a bit of room for lightening in the hands of an experienced modeler. An electric free flight version should weigh 10-20 grams less. Rubber or CO2 could see even more savings.

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