Miss Magoo

A radio controlled hand launched glider

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Recently I have been having a great time with a new HLG design I've named Miss Magoo. While slightly larger than a Mosquito class HLG, 32.75" span vs 29.5", it is still a nice little package and a lot of fun. The name comes from my feeling awfully myopic when flying it. It is small, and climbs well in very light lift. All up weight is 4.6 oz, wing area 172 sq in, wingloading 3.8 oz/sq ft.

Construction is conventional balsa and super glue, with some composites used for strengthening. Covering is transparent blue Micafilm and Balsaloc, trimmed with Monokote. The airfoil is Selig's 4083. It is the first time I have used this airfoil, but so far I am very pleased.

The radio gear is not exotic by today's standards. No computers, no 5 gram servos. I had it available, and didn't feel like spending a bunch of money on new gear to save a few grams.

Control is via a removable v-tail based on an original design I have been evolving over the years.
comp air tn I have also tried this Compressed Air Powerpod with some success. Obviously though, the weight and drag penalty were significant.

Note: as of June 2017, this plan is now offered rolled for $12, through the Flying Models plans service.


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