Observer II

Speed 400 fun

This model was inspired by Randy Randolph's "Observer", a delightful Bostonian Free Flight. The wing had been used on a couple of earlier projects. It was originally built to add ailerons to an old Ace Whizard with a Medallion 049. Then came a sheet fuse without rudder or landing gear. Powered by Peck Polymer's Silver Streak 035, it was my first go at an electric model. This new fuse with landing gear was built so that I can shoot touch and goes.
The fuselage and tail group are a 2 times enlargement of Randoph's design. The 1/8" sq stick structure is close to the original with a few considerations made for carrying the radio gear and power plant. Not restricted by the Bostonian rules for enclosing a box, I tapered the top of the fuselage turtle deck and cowl area for aesthetic purposes. Cutting and fitting all the angles on the ends of the 1/8" sq sticks was quite a chore, and I am not sure I would do it again for this model. I am, however, quite pleased with the results.

Micafilm and Balsarite were used for covering. All markings are Monokote. The wing and tail do show a difference in color. Someday I may recover the wing.

A Futaba AM radio drives 3 JR-341's for the control surfaces, and a Lofty Pursuit's LPSC-mini on throttle.

The composite landing gear is vacuum bagged from balsa, carbon fiber and West Systems epoxy. While more work, it is lighter and better looking than a music wire equivalent.

span-41" motor-geared 7.2v
chord-6" battery-10x600 ma
area-240 sq in weight-23.5 oz

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