Gordon Whitehead

Radio Control Scale Aircraft Models for Everyday Flying

Gordon Whitehead's designs are exercises in practical sport scale models for everyday building and flying. Most are sized for .15 to .25 glow motors, though the efficient structures allow easy conversion to electric. Indeed, the Tiger Moth was my first electric powered model.

Radio Control Modeler's plans service has a bunch of his designs. The designs of which I am aware are as follows.

DH Tiger Moth		#793	March 80
DH Gipsy Moth		#734	August 78
Avro 504K		#826	Feb 1981
Bucker Jungmeister	#856	Jan 1982
Hawker Demon		#757	March 1979

He has also done the DH Hornet, a Spitfire, Gloster Gamecock, Druine Turbulent, Bowers Fly Baby, and I am sure a whole lot more. The guy is a whirlwind of energy. I expect that any of these are great fliers with efficient structure and good manners.

Oh yeah, he's also written a book! Not just any book, but a "must-have" for anyone interested in sport scale modeling. I kid you not, it is required reading.

Radio Control Scale Aircraft Models for Everyday Flying
Gordon Whitehead
RM Books Division
Chart Hobby Distributors Ltd
LittleHampton West Sussex, UK
ISBN 0-903676-08-7

Mine is the reprint of the second edition (1989) and needs replacing, I have referenced it so much!


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