Dick Baxter's "Akro"

Last Updated 2/16/99

From: Bruce Stinshoff
Subject: Akro testimonial

Was taking a look at your wonderful web site today and thought I'd give me two cents on Dick Baxter's Akro:

If I could have only one airplane, it would have to be Dick Baxter's terrific Akro. I take it with me almost every time I go out to the flying field, and it never lets me down. With a single loop of 1/8th inch rubber it flies around and around in big ol' circles, so slowly you can hardly believe it. Put in a loop of 3/16th and it's another plane altogether. Within seconds it's above the treetops and climbing toward the clouds. If it's too windy to fly my other planes, the Akro will still fly. It's the only plane I've ever owned that has never crashed. Those swept wingtips really make it stable. Building the Akro is extremely simple and straightforward. I built mine exactly to plan, added a drop of clay to the nose for balance and it flew right from the start. What more could anyone ask for?

Bruce Stinshoff
Los Angeles, CA

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