Successful Electrified Free Flight and R/C

Compiled by Dick Miller, the What Works List is an invaluable resource for modelers wondering if their attempts at an electric powered FF or small r/c model has a chance at successful flight. It contains airframe and powerplant info for over 200 models, all successfully flown by experienced modelers with readily available components.

If you are considering a small electric model, see how your numbers compare to what has flown, or use these as guidelines for an educated choice.

Also included, is information about the suppliers used for these models and their power systems.

The list is now broken up into 6 separate files to reduce load times. Use the alphabet links to jump to specific models. Note that some of the modelers can be reached via email by clicking on their names.

Last updated 7/10/98

Dick Miller's What Works List of electric models

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Suppliers listed on the What Works list

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