This is the rubber stripper sold by Ray Harlan of Massachusetts.

The two knobs are adjusted to change the width of the feed (rubber) and the desired final width of the stripped rubber. The stripper comes with a spare set of blades and all other spare parts are readily available.

Owned by a friend of mine, I have used this stripper a fair amount, and it works very well. Mr. Harlan also offers some other tools and supplies for the dedicated indoor enthusiast.

  • Micrometer Balsa Stripper
  • Indoor Beam Scale - magnetically damped
  • Prop Bearings
  • O-Rings
  • Boron fibers
  • Bracing Wire - Nicrome and Karma
  • Aluminum tailboom form
  • Covering Film - Ultrafilm and Super Ultrafilm
  • Steering balloons and tubes

Send a SASE for info to:

Ray Harlan
15 Happy Hollow Rd.
Wayland MA 01778

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