These additions were made before 2000


12/30/99Knight & Pridham 15:1 added to Rubber Winder page.
12/30/99F.A.Q. for the FFML & SFRC lists
12/30/99FFML & SFRC subscription forms combined and more info added
12/10/99Bellanca Tractor for R/C Slow Flight
8/6/99New pix for the Marin Aero Club Outdoor Gallery
8/6/99Sea Fury & PWS-10 by Chris Parent
8/5/99another 280 powered Helicopter by Mario Arguello
8/4/99San Francisco Vultures updated info & maps
7/29/99Jason McGuire's Daddy-O Racer is finished!
7/28/99Torque Meters - Photos, designs, tips, and discussion
7/28/99Oppegard Rubber Stripper - Photo and info added
7/8/99P-51 by Jim Buxton - 1999 Indoor Nats FAC champion
7/8/99foam Nikitin Schevchenko IS-4 by Jacob Longacre
6/30/99Thistle Plans! J. Duckworth's popular electric design interpreted by M. Gregorie
6/30/99Air Hog powered P-40 by Jacob Longacre
6/15/99Push-E Indoor Electric FF, plans and article by Jack Reid
5/24/99Miss Magoo gets an AirHog motor!
5/25/99Rocketeer complete with blue trim
5/25/99Added more San Francisco Vultures pictures
5/24/99280 Mee-Kro Helicopter by Mario Arguello
5/19/99Almost Wright 1903? A-Frame Twin Pusher P'nut replica by Dick Baxter
5/13/99Compressed Air Rocketeer A
4/30/99Marin Aero Club Guidelines for Beginners - Contributed by George Benson
4/27/99San Francisco Vultures pictures
3/22/99Indoor duration r/c by Bob Lahde
2/15/99Cessna 195 by Mark Fineman
2/15/99MIADesigns miniature helicopter
2/12/99Wingless Autogyro from Dick Baxter
1/21/99The Observer II, a Speed-400 sport plane
1/20/99The Rocket, a Speed-400 pylon racer, Bill Griggs design
1/18/99More McGuire Quadruplanes.
1/8/99FFML and SFRC online subscription forms
1/1/99San Francisco Vultures Model Club info
12/31/98A few goodies from Jiro Sugimoto added to the FFML Gallery
12/30/98mini electric Taibi Powerhouse from Jason
12/23/98Cya glue applicator for delicate work
12/18/98Andreason BA-4B completion pix
12/16/98George Benson's "Avro" McGuire Quadruplane
12/14/98Indoor Contest and Flying Opportunity info
12/14/98FM-1 Wildcat by Chris Parent
12/14/98Times and first pix added for the Walt Mooney Memorial E-Postal Contest
12/9/98Single Loop Motor Braiding described
12/7/98spreadsheet for X-block props added
12/7/98Andreason BA-4B structure completed
11/30/98Jigging information for the Andreason BA-4B fuselage
11/23/98SO-TSA Volunteer List added - Sign up!!
11/23/98Andreason BA-4B info for the Walt Mooney Memorial E-Postal Contest
11/18/98Making your own Balsa Wheels
11/17/981911 Tatin Aero Torpille
11/3/981920 McMahon Biplane
10/30/981920 McMahon Biplane, my latest Peanut as a bare structure
10/28/98"Hourglass" Prop Block spreadsheet and drawing from Jim Anderson
10/26/98CAD plans for Dick Baxter's Akro and Big Pussycat
10/26/98Caudron C.460 by Chris Parent
10/22/98Stick and Tissue Covering Tips
10/18/98Marin Aero Club Pussycats, designed by Dick Baxter
10/18/98A Few Goodies from George Benson
10/18/98My 6" version of Jason McGuire's Quadruplane
10/18/98John Carlson's Goucester Auster
10/13/98IR controlled Helicopter by Mario Arguello
10/12/98Photos from a Marin Aero Club outdoor session
10/10/98My Flying Aces Moth is alive again
10/7/98Twerp 2.34 & Sailplane and Jodel Cockpit shots from Jason
10/6/98Jason McGuire's 4" Tiny Twerp and Aeronca K Seaplane
10/4/98added a picture of my only control line model
9/25/98Alex Munro XE-5 Biplane, designed by Dick Baxter
9/23/98"Testimonials" Page added
9/23/98Cheap and simple tracking for downed models
9/18/98New spoked wheels are shown
9/16/98added a Winding Stooge to "Tools of the Trade"
9/15/98Jason McGuire shows up with another couple classics!!
9/15/98My peanut Fokker Dr-1 is finally covered
9/11/98Tim Hayward-Brown's Avia B.35 fighter and Bre 14
9/2/98added pix to David Dodge's Guide to Prop Carving
9/2/98Rib Holder for light models added to "Tools" section
8/26/98Chris Parent's Nakajima Type 91
8/23/98Mark Fineman's 42" span Piper Malibu Mirage
8/20/98Restored link to my Hatz Biplane project pages
8/18/98Final updates to the summer trip log
8/7/98More updates to the summer trip log
7/13/98added pages about my summer trip
7/1/98Dave Rees's Plage Torpedo Monoplane
7/1/98Updated info about the spoked wheels
6/30/98Expanded Notes for Miss Magoo
6/25/98Pictures and Notes for Miss Magoo, my original 30" RCHLG
6/16/98Dick Miller's What Works List divided into smaller files
6/6/98Chris Parent's Boeing F4B-4
6/6/98latest photos from Nate Sturman
5/11/98Great Lakes Trainer and Piper Cub images added
5/5/98Flying Wishbone images added
5/5/98Added index of my models with tumbnail images
5/4/9810-Step Trimming Guide by John Koptonak
5/2/98"Tools" area greatly expanded
5/2/98Jason McGuire's Pistachio Ryan ST
4/28/98Expanded trimming and flying notes from Chris Parent
4/28/98A Slow Flight R/C Bee from Andreas
4/16/98Treasures from Chris Parent's hangar
4/15/98Added a section for tools of the trade
4/13/98Nate Sturman's Nakajima Type 91
3/31/98A Demoiselle from Cat Tu in Australia
3/17/98Added apps to calculate balsa stiffness as outlined by Bernard Hunt
3/17/98Dick Miller's What Works List updated and email links added
3/12/98Bending a Reverse-S Prop Hook
3/7/98Jason McGuire shares a couple FF models by Nate Sturman
3/4/98Dick Gibbs' "Loafer" design for R/C slow flight
2/20/98Dime Scale Arado and 1/2 size Wakefield from Bill Hurley
2/17/98Mark Fineman's Earl Stahl P-51
2/16/98A-6 Nurflugel by David Dodge
2/10/98Added photo and notes of 1913 Aviette
2/7/98Marin Aero Club info and map
2/7/98My Control Line tale of good fortune
2/7/98Dime Scale Triplane and Zephyr Canard by Bill Hurley
1/30/98Joined the Free Flight Web Ring
1/28/98The Idiot's Guide to Prop Carving v2.02 From David Dodge
1/26/98More Slow Flight pix from Johan Bjurling of Sweden
1/26/98Calculating the stiffness of balsa by Bernard Hunt
1/19/98added info about the Slow Flight Radio Control Mailing List
1/14/98Updated Gallery with Lincoln Ross's Seversky S21 and Johan Bjurling's "WES technic" Wespe kit
12/25/97added image of my father with r/c 314 mockup
12/25/97began this page of most recent changes

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