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Last Updated April 17, 2003

Claire Kilgore
7454 E Broadway Blvd #102
Tucson, AZ 85710
I am the coach for the Science Olympiad team at Our Mother of Sorrows School in Tucson, AZ. We participate in Science related competition against other schools in Arizona. Our season is over this year , but I would like to know if there is someone in our area that would be willing to help our team with a rubber band propelled plane for next year. Our plane came in at 4th place at state this year. The rules vary from year to year, forcing new planes to be built each year. If you have someone willing to help out some 6th 7th and 8th grade students, please call, and I will fill you in on how our is structured. Thank you Claire Kilgore
Catrina Cruger

9260 McFarland Trace
Mobile, AL 36695
Looking for advice on what kit to use for this years (2001) Science Olmpiad competition. Used a Javalin last year as a first timer. Ready to really have a go at it this year. Competing as a 7th grader. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. I could also use some coaching even if it is online.
Denise Lyon
(256) 332-8035
1009 Jackson Ave N
Russellville, AL 35653
I am an engineer and know something about basic aerodynamics, etc. However, our middle school Science Olympiad team (for which I am a parent volunteer coach)could benefit from any extra help we can get, at whatever level of involvment from simply being available to give advice or answer questions via e-mail to being on hand to help guide the students. We would appreciate it very much! The school is in Florence, Alabama.
Marcio von Muhlen
760-4366136 - ext 6117
3451 Cm de los Coches
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Hey, I'm the president for the science olympiad club at this school (La Costa Canyon High School). We've never had a flight ROG contestant, but we're building one this year and would be interested in any help. thanks in advance,



Jaclyn Pasko

Sacramento, CA
I am competing in the 2000 science olympiad event "wright stuff," the "ROG" type. I am clueless about planes, tried to build one from a kit and failed miserably. Any hands-on help would be greatly appreciated!
Eric Tucker
(203) 792-5914
4003 Hancock Drive
Danbury, CT 06811
Looking for a source of rubber motors for the "Propeller Propulsion" Event that are THINNER than 3/32"... Does anyone know where to get rubber motors at 1/16"??
Gene Sharp
1800 Pierce Ave
Albany, Ga 31705
Assistance needed to design/build competitive models for High School competitive events.
Will Evans
9749 Whitesville Road
Fortson, GA 31808
On, such a small scale, does it matter if I build a main wing with a curved surface?
Connie Brownell
847 803-5772 work
Maine West HS 1755 S. Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018
I'm looking for someone to explain the basics of model building to my students on the science olympiad team. After they have built a few models it would be helpful to have someone to give suggestions for their modification to achieve longer flights.
Ryan Prince
309 East Berkshire Lane
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
I am a science olympiad student that competed in the "Wright Stuff" event last year. My partner and I were able to achieve 2 1/2 minutes by testing and experimenting by ourselves, but we were blown away by some of the teams at nationals. Apparently 5 minutes should be attainable by our class of plane. The rules have slightly changed for next year, but we are anxious to get a good jump start over the summer. We are looking for anyone who could give any help, especially in the area of props/rubber. We feel the only major difference between our plane and the national competitors was that they had a better rubber/propeller combination, and used a much better pitch for their plane etc. This year we are pulling out all the stops and we would like to achieve at least 4 minutes. We are also looking into rolled tube fuselages, but don't entirely know where to start. We may have some help lined up for next fall, but any help, especially over the summer, is very welcome. thanks a bunch!
Tim Shotts
(no email)
10 Melody Drive
Rochester, IL 62563
I can build a nice, light-weight plane, but i'm having troubles withcovering, trimming and some other fine details.
Matt Hanlon
2907 Janet Place
Hammond, IN 46323
I need to find out what would be the best airfoil to use on our planes with 1/16" balsa. It will need to be used for the wing and stabalizer so we can maximize wingload. Thanks a bunch.
Mike Scamihorn
5537 E. 350 S.
Wabash, IN 46992
I am helping coach Jr. High and High School level Science Olympiad Propeller Propulsion events. I have limited exposure to modeling through gas engine propelled, string controlled aircraft. I have also worked with the bridge building and tower building competitions.
We are currently working on shaving propellors, and have located a source of 1/4" wide rubber motors.
We need someone familiar with basic aerodynamic design to discuss strategies, ideas, and designs and help us consider alterations to kits we have purchased from Midwest Modelers.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!
IOWA ----
Gene Olsen
1201 N E poplar
Leon, Ia. 50144
I am an advisor for a H.S. and M.S. TSA chapter. I need help with ROG plans and advice as well as glider info. for my middle school students. I would also invite any modelers in S Iowa to our school to talk with students about the event. Thanks G.O.
J. Bhakta
1234 W. Yosemite
Wichita, Ks 67209
Please email and send me anything form plans, advice or anything for the wright stuff compitition. Thanks for your time and get in touch with ASAP!
Brent Offner
418 Brenda Drive
Denham Springs, LA 70726
I would like some advice on building a rubber powered airplan for the high school science olympiad propeller propulsion event. I need suggestions on plans, parts, et al. Any assistance would be appreciated!
Bruce Booher
8011 Fieldstone Drive
Frederick, MD 21701
I'm a school teacher interested in bringing the rubber powered airplane into the classroom. I work mostly with 5th graders and would like ideas about how I could incorporate it into the science I teach. I also just recently purchased a Sorcerer from Midwest and would love some help on how to get it flying. I have everything put together, but I'm having a devil of a time getting it to fly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Jackie Crowe
Science Teacher
West Somerville Neighborhood School
Somerville, MA 02144
We are a young Science Olympiad Team from Somerville, Massachusetts. We were wondering how we might get involved with a volunteer to help our propeller propulsion team. Please let us know if you might be willing to work with us. --- Thanks!
Patrick Matthews
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Well, we finally thought we had a competitive plane for Science Olympics, flew 52 s at the state finals... then we found out the leaders were around 2 minutes! I think we're on the right track, using a modified IMS plane with a trimmed down 7" prop, weighed in at 10.3 g less prop. I'm just wondering at this point: is most of the additional magic that we seek in that prop, or trim of the plane?

Thx, Pat

jim Fackert
10555 McCbe
Brighton, MI 48116-8526
We would love to hook up with an experienced indoor free flighter or club that would demo for our kids or invite us to a contest to see how it's done. If we could find a coach or mentor for the SO flight event next year, we would love it! YOU could enjoy the incomparable experience of seeing a kid you taught get a medal for his efforts. Call me!
Jessica Boyle
3896 Boyer RD
Coloma, MI 49038
I just would like some information on the best way to connect a rubber motor to make the plane take off from the ground on its own. I would be very thankful if you could give me some information on this.
Stan Nunes
810 293 3590
22935 Lake Boulevard 12/Jefferson
St. Clair Shores, MI 48082
HELP!! I need to get my son started in building his plane for Sci. Olym. we have NO experience what so ever but a lot of enthusiasum, have read the informational material and just need someone to get my son started in the right direction! We bought a plane kit recommended at the coaches meeting by Mr. Fred Tellier who was extreemly helful and talked to me extensively after the meeting. I am in the process of getting the items needed to build but need a sence of direction. We do not have a gram scale, so do I need to build one for my son to use in building? We plan on attending, with my son, the Feb. 9 flying club meeting and my son wants to attempt to fly his plane at the following meeting but do not know if he can get his plane build by then. Is there a way of calling or e-mailing Mr. Tellier to see if he can assist us? Thanking you in advance. Stan Nunes
Tony Nguyen
(402) 477-1080
3520 Hartley Circle
Lincoln, NE 68521
I am participating in this Science Olympiad event under the new 2000 Division C Rules. This means I must get a plane to leave the ground on its wheels. My personal best time is 40 seconds and I average 30 seconds on most given days. I would like tips and a person to talk to for troubleshooting. Also these tips should include material types, plans, etc. This is my first year in this event and have read the offical Science Olympiad Propellar Propulsion Coaches Handbook.
Derrick Yu
9 Rowanberry Court
West Windsor, NJ 08550
I am a student at the West-Windsor Plainsboro CMS. I need help in making a plane for the 2001 competition
John Driscoll
(716) 247-5050 ext 3347 vm 3841
910 Wegman Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624
I am a Technology teacher. We are building balsa gliders.
Mary Beth Foisy
361 Route 59, Spring Valley High School
Spring Valley, NY 10977
I'm coaching Science Olympiad for the first time, and am looking for help and advice getting the students started on the "wright stuff" event - where to get materials, what materials to use, etc.
Carol Simowitz
516 876 7401
740 Edgewood Dr
Westbury, NY 11590
I am coaching a science olympiad team of eighth grade students. I teach earth science and have NO knowledge what so ever about building planes. If we could have a mentor to email I can guarantee two students who will enter this competition. Thanks for your help in advance. We need it!!!
Jerry Neuner
R-S Central H.S.
Rutherfordton, N.C. 28139
Rubber band powered model aircraft T.S.A flight endurance contest.
plans,sources and resources
North Carolina Technology Student Association
Wayne Miller
1100 South Stokes High Drive
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
Wayne Miller is my name and am seeking help with running the NC-TSA State Competition events of Flight Endurance(HS) and Flight Challenge(MS). The event is in April 2001.

I am an advisor and teach flight endurance in my mostly Freshman, High School, Fundamentals of Technology Class and would also love a possable guest speaker/Mentor. I have been a member of NFFS for three years, purchased and studied all the available back issues of the NFFS's Digest - Free Flight, the '98 Sympo, Indoor Flying Models by Lew Gitlow, Hey Kid! ya wanna build a model airplane? by Bill Warner, and Rubber Powered Model Airplanes by Don Ross. I helped run the flight portion of the Natl. TSA event last year in Tulsa, OK with Tom Sanders. If I deside to do something, I usally attempt to do it to the best of my ability. If you agree to help, I don't think you will come away feeling let down. Thank You in advance for you consideration. Wayne Miller

Tom Weber
1225 5th st N
Fargo, ND 58102
I am setting up a student competition and I want some general tips on how to run it.
OHIO ----
Ratnesh Bhattacharya
2460 North Knoll Drive
Beavercreek, OHIO 45431
I am in Science Olympiad (high school)and have no experience building or working with airplanes. Although we have started building our airplanes, we don't know what propellers are best suited to the event. I was also wondering where I could get a SIG 7" propeller for a plan I have.
Lon Swihart
7640 Rt 127
Lewisburg, OH 45338
Catherine Miller
610 690 7200
Liberty High School 1115 Linden St
Bethlehem, PA 18018
I coach the Science Olympiad team at Liberty HS. Free flight ROG is a new event this year and I have no idea where to start. We could use any advice you could give. If there is someone in our area who is into this hobby, we would love to talk with him and see some planes in action.
Jeff Seip
215 529-2322
Strayer Middle School, 349 S 9th St.
Quakertown, PA 18951
I am looking for someone to assit my TSA students in designing and building gliders for their competitions.
Joshua Finn
(843) 899-2207
304 Stevens Ridge Rd.
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
I have a small amount of indoor experience nad need some help. All I know is from the internet or from bitter experience. I design most of my models. If you can help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Knoxville, TN 37909
I need a plan for a good airplane that is free. It needs to meet the Science Olmypiad rules. It also has to beat an airplane that stays up for 2 min 15 sec. If you have a plans please send them to me. Thank you for taking the time
Barbara Partin
Rt. 1 Box 519A
Rose Hill, VA 24281
My students are competeing in the Science Olympiad Competion. They need help learning how to make adjustments betweem flights.
Luke Petschauer
PO Box 1008
Enumclaw, WA 98022
I would like guidance for the Science Olympiad contest. I'm also interested in building Free Flight modles for fun, so either way, please e-mail me!
Chris Koester
509-766-2666, ext 2939
803 East Sharon
Moses Lake, Wa 98837
starting from the ground up in propeller propulsion. need help w/ supplies, plans, etc
A. Bergeron

Vancouver, WA
Hi, Looking for an E-mail mentor or someone in the Vancouver Washington area to help me with my Penny Plane, I've got it built and it looks cool. But I'm having trouble getting it to fly properly. I'm working on this for Science Olympiad that will be held in Vancouver at Clark College on March 20 1999. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
Tim Fields
c/o 6000 Education Dr.
Cheyenne, Wyo 82001
I'd like to know more about the Wright Stuff. My students had very limited success building planes. After dozens of expensive and frustrating failures, we finally managed to get a one minute flight. Our planes were still very heavy (11+ grams). At the nationals, there were planes going four minutes. Would anyone share at least some construction techniques? I'd like to know more about these awesome little planes and where to go for some help getting the kids' planes up and flying for more than a minute. We are very isolated. Supplies and people are all a long way from here.
Jim Johnston
0044 141 959 8404
49 Queen Victoria Drive
Glasgow, SCOTLAND, G14 9BT
Any information related directly to TSA competition, we bring a team over once every 2nd year, and the event guidelines have changed since Pittsburgh 1998.

Many thanks,

No:11 Air Survillance Flight
Sri Lanka Air Force Base.
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
I am external pilot of the uav system have more than 500 hrs of model flying experince would like seek your help to build model plane.

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