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Free Flight Pages

The following links are primarily personal sites maintained by model aviation enthusiasts around the world. Most will yield excellent information if you explore a little bit.
Free Flight Fantasies
My own page with info about tools, building & flying tips and plans. Be sure to look at George Benson's Intro to building and flying models. While aimed more at sport and scale models, it has a lot to offer.
Cottage Wings List
contact info for numerous suppliers of Free Flight materials
Cleveland Clowns Indoor site - Don Slusarczyk
Indoor Model Airplane Info and Opportunities - Uncle Del
Free Flight Model Airplanes - Bill Kuhl
Indoor aeromodelling in Sweden - Daniel Hartstein
Finnish FF page, in English - Tapio Linkosalo
Yet More Free Flight Info
Model Airplane Newsletter - Joe G. Joseph
The official Swedish Free Flight page - Magnus Söderling
Free Flight in Australia - George Carr
New South Wales Free Flight Society - Barry Lee
HANNAN'S RUNWAY - Model Aircraft Books
    While most of the models featured in Hannan publications are not competitive for school duration contests, they are delightful, and collectively represent untold thousands of hours from dedicated modelers around the world. I could not survive without my editions.

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