Appendix C

Lesson Plan Preparation

Teachers may use a document, often called a lesson plan, to organize the elements of a subject that is to be taught on a given day, or days. It identifies objectives, preparation required, and evaluation. A lesson plan covers an element of a course of study.

This appendix is intended to acquaint the reader with reference material that will assist one in the design and preparation of a draft lesson plan for a teacher's consideration.

Don't limit your review of the following lesson plan listings to aerodynamics or aircraft. You may find what you want in related fields such as science, mathematics, or computer technology.

Lesson Plan Design
The following Web site illustrates some of the factors that determine how a lesson plan should be designed: click resources and click lesson ideas

Plan Examples
To see a large listing of plans, navigate the links from the Web site above as follows: Click Lesson Planz; Science Lesson Plans; Science Lessons; High School. You arrive at High School Lessons.

To view a very professional lesson plan sponsored by NASA, start at the lesson plan design site above and navigate the links as follows: Click A Teacher's Guide; K-12 Lesson Plans; (under the science heading find) Aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans; (on the left column) Aerodynamics Problem Sets; (under the first entry - lift theories #1) click student; click the various theories and you will find an extensive interactive lesson plan.

Additional Plan Examples
Begin with the Web site Aeronautics - Hot Links! at: Click Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force Auxiliary; click links and you will find many useful links.

For more basic lesson plans begin again at the Hot Links site above and click (under Other Aeronautics related NASA funded projects) K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook (K8AIT); lesson plans; Aerodynamics; (under Intermediate Activities) Drag and Lift.

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