Marin Aero Club

Phantom Flash One Design Contest

March 24, 2002

The second event of our reinstitued periodic contests was a great success. These contests are more fun than stressful, and all skill levels are invited to participate. A few awards might be passed about, based on the whims of the CD. The awards generally take the form of plans, kits and other modeling goodies.

Below are some photos from our Phantom Flash Contest on March 24, 2002. You will notice that many pictures are of other aircraft. Contest days are not that serious at the Marin Aero Club!

The next contest will be for any Peanut scale models limited to 13" span on May 26, 2002.

George Benson launches one of the first flights of the day.

George's Phantom Flash cruising past the gym windows.

Here is my Phantom Flash circling smoothly well inside the obstacles.

The Christmas tissue on my model was laser printed with appropriate markings.

Tom Whitworth launching his Phantom Flash.

Jerry Long launching his Ballerina No-Cal as low as possible to avoid hitting the rafters.

The Ballerina was safe on this flight.

This is a really ingenious stooge for stick type models mounted on a
weighted camera tripod. Greg Timm built it for winding his son Sean's Phantom Flash.

Sean supervises as Greg launches their entry.

Sean's Phantom Flash is covered with green and yellow Crystal Wrap.

Marius Cannard has been flying this beautiful No-Cal Blohm-Voss BV-141 for several months.

The Blohm-Voss BV-141 resting after a mission.

The Marin Aero Club "Pits".

George and Marius provide a little extra airspace as Jerry Long
watches his Phantom Flash finishing it's longest flight of the day.

Marius shows off his fine covering technique!
Actually, this is a perfect example of why you want loose tissue on delicate structures.

Tom Whitworth had a wonderful twin Bronco.
Trim for circling is largely a function of winding technique.

Would you risk this beauty in a small gym with many hazards?
Tom did repeatedly, and we were amazed with how well it flies.

On this flight the Bronco was close enough to the rafters for a few of us to hold our breath!

The Bronco patrols in harm's way.

Always one for oddball aircraft, Tom also built this wonderful Lockspeir LDA-01.

Tom is the picture of concentration as he launches.

The Lockspeir LDA-01 is very stable in the air.

Phantom Flash Results

Pilot#1#2#3Flight #4#5#6#73 Flt. TotalPlace
Marius596656----181 5th
*Sean's model was unfortunately damaged after it's first offical flight. Once repaired,
he was not happy with it's subsequent performance and decided to withdraw.

George's Phantom Flash circles in to land.


Copyright 2002, Thayer Syme. All rights reserved