Marin Aero Club Contests

These are some pictures taken at recent Marin Aero Club Contests.
Normally we are not competition minded, but resort to
3 or 4 one design/class events a year to provide a little focus.
Other models are also most welcome at these outings as you will see.

Our next contest will be on May 26 for Peanut scale models of any kind. Prizes will be awarded based on cumulative flight time as well as scale appearance. We will also have a Mass Launch at the end of the day with the last model down winning an award as well.

While Peanut scale models are recreations of full sized human carrying craft, we will not be too persnickity about accuracy. If a model is recognizable as a scale model, it will be eligible. Documentation is not required. Do not be to concerned about having a 5 gram ghost ship. Any model capable of times around 30-40 seconds will be competitive. The Phantom Flash with the high times in March never got out of ground effect in the Mass Launch. It was the first back on the floor after hitting a wall. The Mass Launch was won by the plane with the third place total cumulative times.

These events are about fun.
If you are smiling, you have already won.

click any image for notes and larger views of many images.

One Design Phantom Flash Contest - March 24, 2002
(not all the flying was with a Phantom Flash!) - 23 images

One Design Dick Baxter Akro Contest - November 25, 2001
15 images

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