Jason McGuire's Hangar

For those who haven't had the pleasure of viewing them in person, here are a few of Jason's models for your enjoyment. We will try to bring you more in the future. There must be some sort of energy vortex near his drawing board and workbench. Time after time, he has arrived at a flying session with a delightful new model that has flown right off the board. Loaded with charisma, his models are blessed with a light hand, and fly seemingly forever.

Click any image for larger views as well as building and flying notes.

Ryan ST
Nickel Scale
Sport Flyer
Tiny Twerp
4" span
Twerp 2.34
and glider
Aeronca K
Embryo Racer
Jodel Cockpit
Micro-X Kit
Fokker D-VII
Herr laser kit

XE-5 Prototype
Dick Baxter Design
Baxter Akros
8" span
Taibi Powerhouse
Mini Electric
Baby Lightweight

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