Vintage Beauties

by Sterling Price

Sopwith Camel

Here are a few beautiful flying models by Sterling Price. Above is his 19" span rendition Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel that was involved with the death of Richthofen.

He has also submitted a few other pictures.

click on any of the underlined text to view them.

8" and 19" Nieuports



The Best Winding Method.
(He is a braver man than I.)

"I also have a few more planes completed, a peanut Sopwith Pup, 16" Great Lakes, peanut Sommer Monoplane and I am now working on my own design of a peanut Bleriot. I try to never spend more than two weeks on a model, since I am always so anxious to fly them! Most of these planes were built since January 2001."


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