Successful Electrified Free Flight and R/C

Compiled by Dick Miller

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J(no entries)
KerswapLidberg-PMicro 432X50?2269A. Lidberg
KerswapLidberg-PMicro 432X1101.92269J. Lewars
KerswapLidberg-PKR153X752.12269J. Lewars
Kerswap R/CBalsa US-PMG17x46x35010.442288R. Law
Kinner Sportster R/CFlyline-PRocket 400G10X87X5002042255H. Santemma
KolibriClancy-KWES DC5-2.49X4.78X503.528270C. Clemans
Kwik-Fli 2Kenway-PKR1-D32X500.91339K. Bassett
Lacy M10C TwinHiline-P2-Micro 433X1503.520110D. Rees
Lazy Bee R/CClancy-K3-Speed 4006X48X10004448625D. Miller
Lazy Bee R/CCox-ARF3-MG17x46X8003539490D. Miller
Lazy Bee R/CCox-ARF5-FB0565X10003839490A. Clancy
L'il PearlMB-PHY-7063X503.325111J. Wilson
L'il RocFM-PRadio Shack53X753.127106J. Johnson
L'il VoyageEwing-PKR163X501.31663C. Ewing
Lockheed P-38Pond-P2-MM164X27011.534184J. Sebastian
Messer M33MB-PST-25x23X503.333162J. Rice
Megow Coupe R/CFlyline-PRocket 400G13X77X5002354370H. Santemma
MicrodusterMB-PST-24.53x501.926112J. Vanderzyl
Micro EHi Line-PMicro 432X501.31655J. Lewars
Micro E R/CHi Line-PMicro 432X501.81655D. Miller
Micro BrigadierHSPS-PKR1-D32X500.919.556J. Vaccaro
MicronHi Line-PMicro 432X5011335D. Gibbs
MiG-15FM-PDM-2026X1105.824125D. Srull
Mini EHi Line-PST-243X502.124108J. Lewars
Mini EHi Line-PHY-7063X502.224108D. Gibbs
Mini E R/CHi Line-PST-243X502.624108D. Miller
Minnwatt R/CMAN-PNikko1500765X6001651330R. Randolph
Miss AmericaMA-PPeck 0356X37X27019.549310D. Schnur
Miss AmericaMA-PHY-42-407x46X2701949310D. Schnur
Miss AmericaMA-PSpeed 400G7X67X27019.549310D. Schnur
Miss AmericaLidberg-PMini 663X50?2475A. Lidberg
Miss PhillyFM-PMicro 432X501.32060T. Seum
Miss PhillyFM-PMattel43X752.42588J. Johnson
Miss Philly R/CPond-PNikko66X3301447310D. Miller
Miss TinyLidberg-PMicro 432X50?23?A. Lidberg
MosquitoEasy-Built2-ST-254X110729.5136J. Sebastian
New Ruler R/CLidberg-KMini 653X502.13062J. Houck
New YorkerHiLine-PMG17x44X110939199J. Rice
NieuportGuillows-KMM15X23X1105.829200W. Beshore
O-57Pond-PMini 664X1105.632.3150D. Meixell

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Compiled by Dick Miller